You should expect nothing less than high quality audio from professional voice talent. If you are listening to auditions we strongly recommend that you try using a good pair of headphones rather than relying on your computer speakers to judge the quality of what you are listening to.

When there is no background music to cover up the voice recording what do you hear? Hopefully its a great performance of your script but even a great read can be ruined by unwanted sounds creeping in. Is there background noise? An echo of the sound bouncing off the walls in the recording room?

We’ve paid close attention to these details to make sure that you get a great recording every time.

Our studio is professionally built and treated to keep out unwanted noise.

Our equipment includes:

- Neumann TLM 102
- Aphex Microphone X
- EV RE-20
- Universal Audio Solo 110 pre amp.
- Pro Tools software and Apple computers.

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